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Watch Five-year-old Shivani did such a thing, knowing everybody A five-year-old girl has done such a thing on which the whole nation is nudging. On this side, this innocent child is being highly appreciated. Yes, we are talking about Vijaywadas Cherukuri Dolly Shivani. Doli Shivani has registered her name in India Book of Records and Asia Book Records by stamping 103 arrows in 11 minutes and 19 seconds from 10 meters distance. Let us point out that besides this, Shivani made a record by running 36 arrows in 20 meters to 5 minutes and 8 seconds. In this competition, Shivani made 290 out of 360 points. This proves to be Shivnis highest archers archer. Shivani, earlier, became the youngest child in the country to earn 200 points at the age of three years. Shivanis brother Cherukuri Lenin was also an international archer. In the 2010 Commonwealth Games, he won the silver medal. 2024 Olympic goal: Shivanis father, Cherukuri Satyanarayan, said he wants his daughter to take part in the Olympics in 2024. At that time he will be 13 years old.

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