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Watch Three-year-old child was given a form of Lord Krishna and tied to the leaves, turned on the road for half an hour.  A three-year-old child was rotated for half-an-hour by binding with artificial leaf after decorating it like Lord Krishna. This was done during a procession, after which the people of Kerala got burnt. The incident came to light when Srikant Usha Prabhakaran, a resident of Pehnur, posted it on Facebook. He also wrote that I saw this little child tied to an Artificial Peepal leaf in Krishnas dress. This has been done by the Vivekananda Seva Samiti. Writing further, Prabhakar said that at the beginning I thought that this is an idol but later I saw the child moving. I called the childline. The caller said that the relevant authority has been informed about it. I thought it wanted to avoid the issue, so posted a photo on Facebook. Childline Coordinator Amrita Kepi said, When I got the call and found out, I saw that the child is safe. If there was any harm to the child then the action would be taken against the concerned people. Childline is happy that people are aware of such things. We politely spoke to the informer. At the same time, the police say that no information was given to them in this matter.

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