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Watch American actor Harry Dean Stanton is no longer Harry Dean Stanton, who was the favorite actor of the director to pay tribute or other extraordinary roles on the screen, died here yesterday. Los Angeles. Harry Dean Stanton, who is the favorite actor of directors to pay tribute on screen or other extraordinary roles, died here yesterday. He was 91 years old. His agent John Kelly gave this information today. Harry Stanton was the favorite artist of the audience with his unimaginable style and unique behavior. He has worked in nearly 70 films and repo man, Paris, Texas and recently a new version of David Lynchs TV show Twin Peaks. Kelly said Stanton died peacefully at Seeders Sinai Hospital here. Stantons last on-screen role can be seen in the upcoming film Lucky. In the sixty-year career every film of Stanton had not only played a big role but also used to be meaningful. He also added a special flavor to the film. Sometimes speaking little in their small roles, Stanton has made a strong presence, with strangely hair and sad eyes, with a long, flickering face.

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