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Watch Know, why do nuts !, Why Do People Bite Their Nails Do you keep nailing your own nails? Is there any disease or something else? Of the five billion people in the world, about 60 crores of people are forced to chew the nails, even if the mockery continues? If psychologists believe that there is no such thing, when a person starts getting bothered or bored, then poorly innocent nails come under their own teeth. Doctors say - this is an instinctive trend, children are taught from childhood that chewing nails is wrong. If you do, then there is a joke between even the same age group. Even adults are rebuking, even though children of Toca-Toki too are not alert about this habit, and habits remain intact till the old age. Psychologists say that nail batting is a symptom of mental stress and obesity in children and young people. They warn that, nail biting threatens serious types of infectious diseases, the original shape of the other nails can also be scurrilous forever.

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