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Watch Indian Army kills loyal dogs after retirement. Whenever the matter of loyalty comes, the name of the dog is first taken. But what will you do when your loyal person becomes the cause of trouble for you? Yes, we are talking about Indian Army. All the dogs working with the Indian Army are shot by the army after retirement. Do not worry, there are some reasons behind doing this. Lets know why the Indian army kills its loyal partner. When a person asked for an answer through RTI to kill dogs after retirement, it was found that there was security reed in the back. The Army believes that after retirement, the dog can not find any such person, which can harm the country. Actually dogs know about every secret place of the army. The Army has also said that checks are done when the dogs health is not correct. If the condition of the dog does not improve for a month during treatment then he is killed. As everyone knows that the dogs are useless but they also live in them. The army has so many funds that they can take care of them. While those dogs also work for their country.

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