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Watch Man Died Due To Snake Bite Snakes used to subdue the makeup, 5 times killed on tongue, 6th time death A lot of snakes would have been seen, but there was a man in Hamirpur, UP, who used to be afraid of snakes and was able to subdue it. This person had so much confidence in snakes that he even killed stings on his tongue with snakes. People began to believe it was Snake King But the snake of that snake made his life, his sting ended his life. In September last year, a person died in September.   At the age of 20, more than a thousand poisonous snakes had to - Rafik Ahmed from Sikandra of Kanpur country About 15 years ago, the old Jamuna Ghat in Hamirpur came. At that time his age was 20 years. Since childhood, he had many hobbies of catching snakes and playing with them. - Once the venomous snakes were coming out in the DM bungalow, DM and his family were in panic. After that then DMG Srinivas kept Rafiq on the job. His job is to catch snake only. - Rafiq caught dozens of poisonous and big snakes from the bungalow and left them in the jungle after subdue them. He underwent more than a thousand snakes in his small life. He had so much faith in himself and snakes that he started cutting himself with snakes. He would catch snake and sting his tongue on his tongue. He did this hundreds of times. Rafiq was also fond of snakes. He used to make dark snakes in Shiva temples in the month of Savan. These snakes were under his control.   5 times was stuck in sting, life ended in the 6th time - In September, 2016 there was a snake in someones house in Ramde village on the banks of the Betwa river. Rafiq reached the spot. After a lot of hardships, he caught a big and black cobra snake and brought him home. At night he started playing with a snake. - The family of Rafiq said that the snake had stinged about 5 times on his tongue from that snake. When the snake hit the 6th time, Rafiqs condition worsened. His poison was so dangerous that the son had already died before the treatment. - Rafiqs friend Mo. Azeem said, Rafiq had cut himself before such cobra snakes, but nothing happened. This time it is not known what happened that his friendship with snakes broke. What are the families now say   - The family of Rafiq says, the son has gone for a year, but even now when there is a snake in the area, people remember Rafiq only. Son wanted to play with snakes, but we do not want anyone to do such a risky job.

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