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Watch You will not be able to stop your laughter after hearing the nicknames of these small TV screens! Youngisthan 16 Sept. 2017 13:00 Nickelam of TV stars - Every day in the small screen dailyosop, most people see their favorite stars and know the names of onscreen and offscreen names of their favorite stars as well. Even though you may know the names of your favorite stars, but are you aware of their Nick Names? If you do not know then let us tell you the names of TV stars - who will not stop listening to your laughter. Nicknames of TV stars - 1-Day of Tripathi You will definitely be aware of the real and character name of the small screens famous actress Divyaanka Tripathi but she is called by her in love with Chini. 2- Jennifer Winget Jennifer Wingates famous actress Jenny Wingate is the nickname Jenny, and her very close people call her lovingly with the same name. 3- Direction Wakani The fame direction of Tarak Mehtas upside-down glasses, Wakani laughed at the audience with their character, but did you know that they are called at home at the name of Tanna? 4- Kratika Kamra The beautiful actress of TV is Krrishna Kameras niknam Kittu and she is called at home by the same name. Why is not this formula named Funnie? 5- Vivian Dasna You will definitely be aware of the onscreen and offscreen names of television actor Vivian Dasena but at home, they are called Vivas. 6- Barun Sobati TV Actor Barun Sobati made his special place in the heart of the audience with his payment but did you know what he is called at home? If we do not know then let us tell that their nickname is Rabal. 7- Arjun Bijlani Everybody is familiar with the real and reel names of actor Arjun Biswani, but he calls them at home by his family Jun. 8- Kritiya Sanger The actress calls actress Kratika Sanger with a very small and beautiful family and a special name. Kritikas nickname is Chinika. 9th - Gautam Rode The small screen handshams and bullocktaking actress Gautam Rode have a nicknames and they always call their families with this name. 10- Sanaya Irani Little actress Sania Irani is as cute as her life is as cute as her nickname. Let us tell you that Sanayahs niknamem is beautiful. These are the nicknames of TV stars - It is worth mentioning that someones nicknames are lovely in these stars, so there is also some funnel. Obviously, listening to the nickname of these small screen stars will bring a smile to the face.

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