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Watch She Has Not Fear Of Any Wild Animal This child does not think of any animal, fear of an animal It is said that there is such power inside this girl, from which lion, elephant to every animal of the forest becomes its friend Often we are scared of seeing many wild animals, but this girl named Amelia Foreman plays such a thing with dreaded animals, it is considered to be their toys. Those who know Amelia feel that there is such power inside this girl, from which lions, elephants and every animal in the forest becomes its friend. Amelia is now 18 years old and her mother has been clicking photos of her friendship with wild animals for nearly 15 years. Amelia was 3 years old when her photographer mother took one day that there was a special connection between wild animals and them. Amelias mother has started clicking photos with her wild animals since then. Wildlife Photo Book made on Amelia is Famous in the whole world. In this, he also appeared with some animals who are not seen in Ju

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