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Watch The cats baby was taken by the Labrador Dog Something like this happens around us, due to which our face smiles. One such video is becoming viral that will also smile on your face. A few days ago, the cats baby was adopted by a beloved Labrador Dog. Veterinary Center Batteries shared this lovely video of the small Eva and its new friend Barney, which people are very much liked. The British animal shelter wrote in this regard, Labrador Dog is playing the role very well, while small Aava is seen quite a Serious. In this, the internet can not help you, you simply embrace the duo of jugalbandi. A five-week old Eva was found lying in the London garden a few days earlier, after which Eva met with his beloved friend Barney in the British animal shelter. This charming couple is very much in the veterinary center Battersea. They both love each other, play and watch TV together. The three-year labrador dog takes great care of his new friend. He keeps an eye on his every step for safety.

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