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Watch Rongte incidents: Parents left the newborn daughter alone, eight days in the closed house, found dead corpses in the house Rongte incidents: Parents left the newborn daughter alone, eight days in the closed house, found dead corpses in the house Banswara In the Lalpura area of ​​the city, there has been an incident involving the marriage of mother-daughter and father-daughter relationship. Mother stopped her half-month-old daughter in her house and started pelting, so the father also came out brutal, who did not even notice her. In a locked room, the innocent hung on the bed hungry and thirsty; The dead body was nearly seven to eight days old and rotting. There were insects in it. You know On Friday, the proposed medical camp and vaccination information will be available on Friday, hope for the ward 17, assistant colleague Navodruti Reached Vimalas house. The house was closed. Asked in the neighborhood, he said that the house has been closed for several days, but it is stinking. On this, hope a co-founder and a person who was present on the spot opened the house, then there was a body of a newborn girl in the middle of the bed. The police called the family of the girl and handed over the dead body after the post-mortem. Family feud According to the police, Vimala wife Kailash resident of Lalpura died on July 29 in Pehar Samaria village and she got daughter Had given birth to. After some time she came to her husbands house. A couple of days ago, there was a fight between husband and wife, leaving both the newborn left in the house. Mother gone eight days ago According to the neighbors, the house was stinking from the closed house for the last three-four days, but did not pay attention to the rats deodorant. It was told that Vimala, the mother of the newborn, had gone out for nearly eight days earlier. The newborn was Vimlas fifth child. Two have died in the past and a child and a girl are still there. Mamta card also made Worker Veena Vairagi told that after the Anganwadi center in Lalpura area and the adjoining Ward 17 Anganwadi center was registered on January 10 at the center of Vimala. After this, her Mamta card was made and once vaccination was done. Checkout Here, Khandu Colony Chowki in-charge Manohar Singh said that the police reached the spot and took the opportunity to get information about the death of the neonate. Asked the hope and the worker. After this, the families of Vimala got the information about Pehar and called the body after post mortem. They said that the matter is being investigated. After this further action will be taken.

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