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Watch Learn how, the worm of the ears is buried in the doctors nose. Ears are the most fragile part of our body. Any problem in the ear does not tolerate us. Therefore Ignore no problem associated with this. But this happened with a man in Singapore, who ignored ear ache initially, but later his condition worsened. Something like this came out from his ears, seeing that he was not only surprised but also doctors. When the doctors examined his ear, then it was discovered that there is a worm inside the ear. The meat that was chewing. The doctors immediately took the help of tools to remove it, but the worms firmly held the ear skin. He did not turn out. After that the doctors took out a trick and they helped the bugger in the middle before the help of the twiger, so that the grip of it could become weak and could be pulled out of it. His ideas worked out. The insects were taken out, but when they got out, the doctors were shocked. The piece of meat from the ear with the worms also came out, which was chewing the insect. Doctors made a video of this entire operation. It can be seen clearly how a piece of insect flesh came out too.

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