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Watch Nia Sharma Life Facts, Nia Sharma Birthday Its so bold, Jamai Raja is also associated with these actress, contraverses. Actress Nia Sharma, who played the role of light in the Jamai King, has become 27 years (September 17). Actress Nia Sharma, who played the role of light in Jamai Raja, has become 27 years (September 17). Born in Delhi, Nias real name is Neha Sharma, but she named this common and changed her name to Nia. Let us know that Nia is often in the headlines about her bold photos. In 2016, Nia got the title of Asias third sexy woman. Controversies are also from the relationship ... Many contraversions are associated with Nia. He shared a Controversial video on Instagram for a few months. There was a small child with him, who repeatedly repeats the abuse of his sister. Nia wrote with the photo, How much do I love a naughty person, I do not know, I am her aunt, my best friend is a child and I still can not believe it. Nia has appealed to the video to ignore the childs abuse. A video of Nia was viral on a social media some months ago. In it, he appeared to leoplock with the web series Twisted co-actress Isha Sharma. Nia later said about the video that during this scene, he was not very compatible. Let us know that Nia is also famous for her bold style. They often share their hot and bold shares on Instagram. Once he had shared Brass Photo, he was fiercely criticized. Nia started acting career in 2010 with the TV show Kali - A Agneeprikhana. After this he has appeared in Bheeneen (2011), My Things Is Thousand (2013), Jamai Raja (2014) in TV serials. He is currently a participant of reality show Khatoon Ke Khaliar.

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