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Watch Uttaran Fame Little Tapasya Ishita Panchal Then And Now 18th has been reduced to the Ratan, the smallest penance, 38 thousand followers on the Instagram Child actress Ishita Panchal, who fame from Desert (2008-09), is away from the acting world these days. Child Actress Ishita Panchal, who fame from the TV show Falling (2008-09), is away from the acting world these days. Ishita played the role of small penance in the show. His acting was very fond of the show. Now 18-year-old Ishita is away from the acting world and is focusing on her studies. Ishita remains active on social media ... - Ishita is quite active on social media since long time. - She often keeps posting photos with Selfies, Mummy and Friends. It would be surprised to know that even after being away from the acting world, at the age of 18, there are 38 thousand followers on their Instagram. The mother is quite close to Ishita - Ishita is quite close to her mother Preeti Panchal. They often post photos with them on social media. - His mother is a doctor. Ishita has participated in the reality show Mother Exchange (2011) with her mother. - This show was Indian version of Popular International reality show Wife Swap. Ishita, who worked in these shows and films - Though Ishita got recognition from Deshant But his TV debut show Amber Dhara was in 2007. - The last time he was seen in CID (2011). In addition to Ishita Shoj, she has worked in films such as A Marriage Ashe (2008), Rama: The Sevier (2010) and Bhoot and Friends (2010).

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