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Watch this short video talks about three policemen is attacked by a vicious ghost. Action movie Chinese movie Martial art Ghost movie ghost zombie undertaker ខ្មោចឆៅ គ្រូម៉ៅ To watch more, please visit: ghost sucks blood - ខ្មោចឆៅ zombie 僵尸 - Action movie Action movie _ Ghosts monument under ground - វិមានខ្មោច - ខ្មោចឆៅ zombie 僵尸 2 Action movie | Chinese movie | Chinese ghosts Vs Undertaker - ខ្មោចឆៅ vampire Martial art _ Donie yen Vs a cruel robber - កុំកុំ komkom Action movie _ Strong ghost Vs Crazy undertaker - ខ្មោចឆៅ zombie 僵尸 ghost

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