Click to Watch in HD > [118] Censored Topics In Pres. Debate, DNC Admits Rigging, Dakota Protesters Raided

Watch In this episode of Redacted Tonight, Lee Camp breaks down the first 2016 Presidential Debate. He covers the crucial issues that were absurdly missing from the debate; issues that are, in fact, the most pressing for our nation and the world. Also, correspondent John F. O’Donnell infiltrates the presidential debate like a troll-god. He messes with the heads of some of the most powerful American politicians alive, and they have no freakin’ idea.Then Lee Camp gives updates on both the lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee for rigging the primary election against Bernie Sanders, and the militaristic measures taken against the Dakota Access Pipeline clean-water defenders. Finally, Correspondent Naomi Karavani reveals the intensifying “War on Cash.” GET FREE TICKETS to be in our LIVE AUDIENCE in Washington DC! Email [email protected] OTHER CITIES - We tour regularly with live stand-up comedy. For a list of where well be performing our stand-up comedy shows, go here - Join the ‘Redactivist’ movement online... Subscribe to the Redacted Tonight YouTube channel for more comedy news with saber tooth tiger teeth: Find Redacted Tonight on Facebook for source material about our stories and daily updates: Follow us on Twitter for funny, informative info and to participate in our weekly ‘Redactivist’ hashtag: Visit Lee Camp’s official site to listen to the ‘Moment of Clarity: The Backstage of Redacted Tonight’ podcast w/ Lee and John F.O’Donnell: ***** Source Material: UNPRECEDENTED ABUNDANCE: Economic Reality – Peer Through The Illusion WHO Chapter 1: Global Health: todays challenges The 1 Percent Have Gotten All The Income Gains From The Recovery Placebo Still Works even Though You Know its A Placebo Cops: Shop Owner Beat Employee With Live Lizard DNC Impartiality Clause DNC Claims Sanders Supporters Knew They Favored Hillary Clinton ND authorities deploy armed personnel on peaceful Water Protectors gathered in prayer. Stop and Seize 19 WTF Moments From the First Presidential Debate

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