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Watch Ny Rathana is the Championship of The Voice Cambodia in 2016 for the best singer who passed the final exame from this program. He got the gift more then 2000000R and other thing and he sing for Hang Meas Production. The songs that he sing such as Su Kleat, Slek Cheur, Nek A srolanh B, Somros Bopha Kompong Thom and more songs. All these songs he follow up with the old song and old singer but his sound also very good he know how to do the kind of song situation. Ny Rathana is the Cambodian. Here we collection some his songs to sharing. Ny Rathana, Ny Rathana song, Ny Rathana 2016,Ny Rathana song 2016,Ny Rathana non stop,Ny Rathana song 2016, Ny Rathana old song,Ny Rathana new song,Ny Rathana collection,Ny Rathana 2016, Ny Rathana song mp3 download,Ny Rathana song mp4,Ny Rathana mp3,Ny Rathana song now, Ny Rathana non stop,Ny Rathana kon khmer song,Non Stop Ny Rathana song, collecion Ny Rathana song,Khmer song 2015,Khmer song 2016,Khmer old song kon khmer song,kon khmer song 2016,ny rathana kon khmer song, Khmer song non stop,khmer song collection,khmer music song,khmer song mp3, khmer song mp4,khmer song playlist,Cambodia song ,Cambodia old song, Cambodia song collection,Cambodia song non stop,Cambodia new song, Cambodia music song,Cambodia song 2015,Cambodia song 2016,Khmer song 2016, Khmer song 2015,Khmer old song, khmer new song,Cambodia song Follow us on ---------------------- Facebook: Twitter : Youtube : Google+ : Dont forget suscribe to us below ====== ========

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