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Watch Sita blesses Hanuman, before Hanuman leaves Lanka to give Sitas message to Sri Raam. मन संतोष सुनत कपि बानी | भगति प्रताप तेज बल सानी || आसिष दीन्हि रामप्रिय जाना | होहु तात बल सील निधाना || १ || अजर अमर गुननिधि सूत होहु | करहुँ बहुत रघुनायक छोहू || करहुँ कृपा प्रभु अस सुनी काना | निर्भर प्रेम मगन हनुमाना || २ || बार बार नाएसि पद सीसा | बोला बचन जोरि कर कीसा | अब कृतकृत्य भयउँ मैं माता | आसिस तव अमोघ बिख्याता || ३ || Sita felt gratified at heart even as She heard Hanumans words full of devotion and revealing Sri Ramas majesty, glory and strength. Recognising him as the beloved of Sri Rama, She gave him Her blessing: May you become a repository of strength and virtue, dear son. May you even remain immune from old age and death and prove to be a storehouse of good qualities, my son; and may the Lord of the Raghus shower His abundant grace on you. The moment the words, May the Lord be gracious to you reached his ears, Hanuman was utterly overwhelmed with emotion. Again and again the great ape bowed his head at Her feet and joined palms addressed at Her thus, I have now accomplished all that I had to accomplish, my mother; for your blessings, everyone knows, is unfailing.

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