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Watch What if modern people went back and lived in ancient times in olden day China? Would it really be like this? :P #airhug A MM2 Entertainment Digital Content Producer. _ Cast and Crew: Jonathan Cheok Gabriel Cheok Rachel Ong Malvina Wong Melody Low Jaze Phua Fai Edmund Ho Jasmine Blundell David Lim Seah JiaQing Special guests: WAHBANANA! Terence Then Chrysan Lee _ Written and edited by: Jonathan Cheok DOP: Gabriel Cheok AP: Malvina Wong Audio: Rachel Aldaine _ Special thanks to: Ling Yi from Wahbanana for the collaboration and the whole team from MM2 _ Official Cheokboard Partners: Cocoloco - Zalora Singapore - Triple 2 Studio - Ktailors - Sam Woo - @samwooofficial _ Hey! Want to work on a video project or advertise with cheokboardstudios? Contact us here and lets make some awesome videos together! Email: [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: @cheokboardstudios Twitter: @cheokboardtweet _ WE MAKE VIDEOS, NOT

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