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Watch In Vrindavan | Nilesh Thakkar | Dhaivat Thakkar | Master Ronak Thakkar | Mansha Telefilms This festive season Mansha Telefilms brings you this refreshingly new Radhe-Krishna Bhajan to all Krishna and Radhe lovers. The song is universal as people who love either of the English or Hindi will be delighted to hear it often. Radha Krishna are collectively known within Hinduism as the combination of both the feminine as well as the masculine aspects of God. Krishna is often referred as svayam bhagavan in Vaishnavism theology and Radha is five elemental body of the feeling of love towards the almighty God Shree Krishna, soul (aatma) is a part of the God Shree Krishna and Radha is that feeling of love which connects a living being to his creator. With Krishna, Radha is acknowledged as the Supreme Goddess, for it is said that she controls Krishna. It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even Him. Therefore She is the supreme goddess of all. Radha Krishna. While there are much earlier references to the worship of this form of God, it is since Jayadeva Goswami wrote a famous poem Gita Govinda in the twelfth century of the Common Era, that the topic of the spiritual love between the divine Krishna and his devotee Radha, became a theme celebrated throughout India. It is also believed that Radha is not just one cowherd maiden, but is the origin of all the gopis, or divine personalities that participate in the rasa dance. Vrindavan is a town in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the site where according to Hinduism, Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. The town hosts many temples dedicated to the worship of Radha and Krishna and is considered sacred by Vaishnavism. Singers: Nilesh Thakkar Dhaivat Thakkar Ronak Thakkar Music: Hitesh Hudani Flute: Kiran Vinkar Voice and Harmony Conduct: Sohini Mishra Costume Design: Ajay Arvind Khatri Choreographer: Shaivangi Chitalia DOP: Yashesh Shah Editor: Mahesh Yadav Studio and Post Production: Rudransh Production Follow us on Facebook : Twitter: Pintrest : Tumblr: Facebook Page of Nilesh Thakkar: Youtube Channel of Nilesh Thakkar: If you like our attempt please Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe to our channel for more upcoming videos. Audio will be releasing soon!!

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