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Watch James Arthur Say You Wont Let Go out September 9th 2016 Youve got to founder if youre scared of your own feelings. James Arthur ends his creative hiatus after almost four years with his new single Say You Wont Let Go. The song tells the moving story of a love, which nearly wouldve been defeated by fear of permitting emotions. James words the fright of opening up grippingly: I knew I loved you then, but you never know. Cos I played it cool when I was scared of letting go His incomparable voice strikes a chord in the deeply moving ballad as James finds the courage to sing quite frankly of his own life-experiences, which in turn adds much haunting quality to his music. Having spent time in foster care, he sometimes has had difficulties to trust, he says, describing the idea behind Say You Wont Let Go. Nevertheless, the song also sketches out his career, which still seems to be on the brink of just starting out. Its hardly surprising that James Arthur rose to fame, followingon from his X-Factor success in 2012. His single-debut Impossible travelled the globe, shot to No 1 in numerous countries and went gold and platinum almost everywhere. Now James Arthur returns with his new album Back From The Edge, due out on November 4. He prides himself with a new record vocally: The new album features some of the best songs Ive ever recorded - definitely vocally. Say You Wont Let Go underlines how spot on his self-assessment is. Buy the song here : Listen here on Spotify : _________________________________________ (C) 2016 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH

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