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Watch JESSICA JAY - original voice Dora Carofiglio Track list: 01 BROKEN HEARTED WOMAN 02 CASABLANCA 03 DEMPASAR MOON 04 I CANT HELP FALLING IN LOVE 05 BROKEN HEARTED WOMAN (radio version) 06 I SWEAR 07 ALWAYS DISCOGRAPHY VALERIE DORE The Night NOVECENTO All Albums and Singles ANSWERING SERVICE Call me Mr Telephone JESSICA JAY Broken Hearted Woman, Casablanca, Denpasar Moon, I cant Help Falling in Love, i Swear, Always, Flirtatious Heart, Im Living, One More Time, Smile, The Room at the top of the stears, The truth is... THE REAL STORY: Dora Carofiglio is the lead singer of Novecento, and also well known as the voice of Valerie Dore and the real voice of Jessica Jay. She did it just for fun! She also is a vocal teacher, sings Classical music, and did many Classical concerts. Dora Carofiglio was born and lives in Italy. she married Lino Nicolosi, guitarist and producer of the band Novecento, Valerie Dore, Jessica Jay, Jazz artists as Billy Cobham, Chaka Khan, Sting, Billy Preston, Gino Vannelli, and many more…. The others Jessica Jay, were only faces, models, invented by people, nothing more. this is the real story!

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