Click to Watch in HD > Jill Stein OWNS Biased Fox News Host—Had Him Flustered

Watch Jill Stein returned to Fox News where their biased host, Chris Wallace, did everything to make her look dumb, but she came prepared and completely owned him; and arguably, even had him visibly rattled as he tried to shut her down. She handled it masterfully. ************************ Visit Our Website: Follow Us on Twitter: Like Us on Facebook: Support the Show: Become a Patreon: Our SoundCloud Archive: Our RSS Feed: Get THR Gear: Download Our Podcast on iTunes: and mt=2 Get the THR Theme Song: ************************ Help Us Grow by Visiting Our Sponsors: Support Us by Shopping on Amazon! Bookmark this Link: Sign Up for a FREE 30-Day Trial to GameFly:!/registration?adtrackingid=pbridge001 Get a FREE Audiobook and 30-Day Trial to Audible: Try Lootcrate if Youre a Geek or Gamer: and AFID=372698 and AffiliateReferenceID=HumanistReport Cut Cable and Go With Roku: and utm_source=cj and utm_medium=affiliate and utm_campaign=cj_affiliate_sale and utm_content=4727309 and utm_term=12551143 Support Us by Shopping on AbeBooks! Bookmark This Link: Web Hosting for Only $3.95 with HostGator: Save Money on Eyewear With Warby Parker: and utm_content=372698 and utm_medium=Podcast and cvosrc=313032.372698.Podcast Get a FREE Trial to Fresh Books Cloud Accounting Service: and utm_source=pbm and utm_medium=affiliate-program and utm_campaign=podcast-influencers Get a 30-Day Free Trial of Amazon Prime: and camp=1789 and creative=9325 and linkCode=pf4 and linkId=FIKESJN5MIGD5ORI and primeCampaignId=prime_assoc_ft and ref_=assoc_tag_ph_1427739975520 and tag=thehumrep-20 ************************ The Humanist Report (THR) is a political podcast that analyzes weekly news stories. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking and fact-based commentary that is objective and progressive.

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