Click to Watch in HD > Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues - Live at San Quentin (Good sound quality)

Watch Whilst I have a rather different world view from the late great Johnny Cash, Im nevertheless a big fan. Hes the reason I first picked up a guitar in 2003. I always wanted to see live concert footage, but with good clear sound, so decided to synchronise the sound from my CD with TV footage available on Youtube. Easier said than done though... The TV footage is faster and about a whole tone higher in pitch, so I had to slow the video down to match it with the audio. There is no footage available for the introduction and end of the song, so I added a few relevant images. I know Im blatantly flaunting copyright guidlines, but I reckon a few people might like this so much that they go out and buy the CD... like I did when I first heard the Man in Black on the radio!

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