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Watch Holy fuck this took a long time. Q and A Q: Whats the comic in this video? A: Jojos Bizarre Adventure, specifically the 6th parts final chapter. The series author and illustrator is Hirihiko Araki. Q: Do you plan on making any more videos like this in the future? A: Is it a possibility? Definitly. But, while I have a ton of ideas for other musical numbers for Jojo, I might end up going with other manga or video games or something. Q: The pacing is hella inconsistent! it starts off slow but then gradually gets faster and faster! A: Q: This isnt a leitmotif? A: Might be wrong, but to me it very very loosely falls into the category. People have been calling this format of video MADs for a WHILE now. Q: Whats the track playing during timestop? A: and list=PL_PZNFhhorZC43rP2KE2aH1vlK8gWSd8y and index=17

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