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Watch Joy At Last To Know There is No Happiness in the World A Talk On The First Three Noble Truths by Ajahn Brahmavamso (This is an edited version of a talk given during the 1999 Rains Retreat at Bodhinyana Buddhist Monastery, near Perth, Western Australia) Notes: [1] It is important to realise that although one speaks about the alternation of happiness and suffering in life, ultimately its all suffering. An experience you now perceive as happiness due to some previous suffering, may be perceived as suffering later on in comparison to an even greater happiness. Thus, in the broadest sense, all experience is suffering. [2] Mara is the Buddhist tempter He appears in the texts both as a real person (ie. as a deity) and as the personification of evil and passions, of the totality of worldly existence and of death. See: Nyanatiloka Thera, Buddhist Dictionary (4th Rev. Ed.), (Kandy, Sri Lanka, Buddhist Publication Society, 1980), p.116. The following abbreviation system is used for Sutta references in this discourse: Maha Vagga (Vinaya): (Mv, Section#, Chapter#, Paragraph#); Majjhima Nikaya: (MN, Sutta#); Samyutta Nikaya: (SN, Samyutta#, Sutta#); Anguttara Nikaya: (AN, Nipata#, Sutta#); Dhammapada: (Dhp, Verse#); Sutta Nipata: (Sn, Verse#); Theragatha: (Thag, Verse#). Source :

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