Click to Watch in HD > Just Dance 2015 Dark Horse Barbie version stop motion

Watch Hey guys! First of all I want to thank all of you for the support! It really means a lot to me. For that, I would love to try my best to make more dancing doll videos. I was about to use another doll for this dance. I even made a blue wig for her. But I decided to invite Miss Barbie instead at the last second. That doll is not barbie. Almost the same size but a little bit smaller. So you can see the outfit is not exactly fit for Miss Barbie. Because I have run out of barbies, next time I am going to use my very first custom doll of my own. I edited the audio cuz you know, copyright issues. I used the singing cover of the talented AANYSA to edit the audio. Here is her link Go check her out! She is amazing. You can follow me on my Facebook page or Instagram to see whats going on behind the scenes or ask me anything about the videos, my dolls, etc. Link below: Facebook: Instagram: I do read all of the comments. Thanks a lot for your time to leave feedback here so I can adjust my future plans. And thanks again for being here! See you next time!

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