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Watch Kadim Al Sahir (Arabic: كاظم الساهر‎; born September 12, 1957 in Mosul, Iraq), is an Iraqi singer, composer, and poet. He has been dubbed the Caesar of Arabic Song, George Michael of the Arab world, Iraqs Diplomatic Ambassador to the world,[1] and Iraqs Ambassador for Peace.[2] Kadim Al Sahir, whose first name is also written alternatively as Kazem, Kadhem, Kazim and his family name alternatively as Saher, el Saher and al Saher, has established himself as one of the most successful singers in the history of the Arab World, having sold more than 100 million [3] albums since the start of his career. Ranging from big romantic ballads to more political work, from pop to Arab classical music. Al Sahir was born in Mosul in 1957[4] to a mother from Najaf Shia Islam and a father from Samarra Sunni Islam[5]. His father lived in Baghdad, but was a Samarra native from the tribe of Albu Daraj. He grew up and spent a large part of his life in Alhurrya city in Baghdad. He is the son of a palace worker and has nine siblings. Apart from his mother, Al Sahers family were never supportive of his direction in becoming a musician. They had no faith in him that he would become successful, and instead wanted him to become a doctor or a lawyer.[6] Sahirs brother once took him to a different places where people sing, and told him its your choice to sing a respectful way and choose the good or the bad way. He said that the only way to achieve success is if you respect your music and respect yourself,[7] he have two sons (Omar,Wsam) and two daughters (Amira,Fatima) He excelled in his studies and entered the Teachers Institute where he graduated in 1978 and was appointed as a teacher in a school in Mousal. At age twenty-one he enrolled at the Baghdad Institute of Music where he studied for around 6 years. His interest in music grew as he listened to songs via the radio that offered him the chance to become familiar with the works of composers such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab. When he was ten, he began writing songs. After selling his bicycle, Al Saher purchased a guitar at the age of twelve, and began learning the arts of the guitar for about three months before writing a classical song. It was his first instrument.[9] He later switched to the oud, a much more common (and complex) instrument, and was accepted into the Baghdad Music Academy at the age of twenty-one. Although keen to break through in the music business with his songs and voice, he found himself rebuffed by all the producers he approached, who would only let him sing their own material. Instead, he used the back door to gain entry to the industry. الليله إحساسي غريب عاشق وأنا مالي حبيب حبيت كل الناس لاموني حبيت كل أحبابي باعوني قلت أحب الحب أحسن قلت أحب الحب أضمن لا أحن ولا أتوب ولا بعد في يوم احزن الليله غير شعوري غير أشواقي غير حتى الأغاني غير صدري سما وإحساسي طير بس طيفك ما تركني ظل ساكن وسط جفني كان يذكر وأنت ناسي كان طيب وأنت قاسي أنت وينك؟؟ كان هذا الفرق ما بيني وبينك جيتني تشكي الزمن وجيتك أريد أدفى لقيت في قلبي وطن ولقيت بك منفى

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