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Watch WATCH KIDS INSANE KICKSTARTER VIDEO: OKeefe Music Foundation: You can buy the kids version of 46 and 2 here: All proceeds go towards future recording projects. We purchased a license from Limelight to sell 250 digital copies of the 46 and 2 cover. Our license number is 35798202. If we exceed 250 sales, we will purchase another license for additional digital sales. A big thanks goes out to the following people: The students for all their hard work: Curtis / Drums, AJ / Bass, Olivia / Piano, Kala / Vocals, Jacob / Guitar, Chris / Guitar, Geoffrey / Claves, Kane / Bongos, Jack / Djembe Photography / Videography: John Quinto Mastering Engineer: Steve Nagasaki Mixing Engineer: Dan Agee Lead Engineer: Zach Allen Assistant Engineer: Jarad Clement Cameramen: Simon Marts and John Quinto Jeremy Singer at Maineville Music Academy Tool, for writing an incredible song! Credit Sequence / Lights Theme from Death Note: Performed by Andy Hubbard Recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN.

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