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Watch This is my piano version of Kataware Doki from Kimi no na wa OST. [ 君の名は- かたわれ時 ] [ Your Name OST - Kataware Doki ] [ 你的名字 OST ] All Im going to say is this movie is amazing. Please, please go watch it - or even better, wait for the bluray and support the amazing artists and staff who creates amazing anime films! I truly wish that anime like this will become popular in North America in the future. The genre of anime deserves much more attention. It has such amazing potential in story telling vs. live action movies and should have its own spotlight in mainstream media. Amazing movie, amazing music. Sparkle from the soundtrack makes me legit cry... - - - - - - Sheet archive on my website! ishter twitter: The book of my face: Piano arrangement by Tehishter Original song: Composed, Arranged and Written by Yojiro Noda - - - - -

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