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Watch Credit to Prahok TV by Cellcard Prahok TV by Cellcard is an entertainment channel catering to a new generation of Cambodian media consumers. We produce all original sitcoms and series accessible anywhere anytime through mobile devices. We are committed to quality storytelling and production, and to bringing more entertaining content to the Khmer online community. Subscirbe to my channel: Facebook Fanspage: Twitter: Website: Watch other Movie: 1-អ្នកប្រដាល់មិនដែលឈ្នះ, Full HD, neak prodal min del chnas​, Full Movie Speak Khmer: 2-Full Movie, 2 Brother, Two Brother, ពីរនាក់បងប្អូន, Pekmi Ft Krern, Khmer movie 2016: 3-Chinese Movies speak khmer, movie dubbed in khmer, មហាសំណើចទាំង៤ - The Romancing Stars 1987:

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