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Watch Hello! Wishtrenders ♥ Was our mask pack video helpful last time? Today, We prepared a sheet mask video as promised in the last video. There are many functions in each mask sheet. We will introduce you to more about these mask sheets from Wishtrend. keep tuned in!  ▶ FEATURED ITEMS -Moisturizing and Nurishing [LOVIEN] Free One More Box ! - Pure Hydrogel Mask Pack (Moisturizing, 2Types) [ELISHACOY] Honey and Royal Jelly Mask Sheet [SKIN FACTORY] Aqua Skinin Ampoule Mask -Trouble and Pore Care [ENCA] Acne Control Mask (Acne Care) [ELISHACOY] Houttuynia Cordata and Chestnut Husk Mask Sheet -Whitening and Brightening [ELISHACOY] Natural Pearl Mask Sheet [ROJUKISS] Pure Vita C Dual Mask (Whitening) [SKIN FACTORY] Vega Vitaplex Ampoule Mask [SKIN FACTORY] I2.P.L White Mela-X Ampoule Mask -For Sensitive Skin [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Mask [PAPA RECIPE] Bombee Honey Mask Pack (10Sheets) [ELISHACOY] Aloe and Lavender Mask Sheet -Soothing and Calming [SKIN FACTORY] Daily UV Care Ampoule Mask [SKIN FACTORY] Solution A-Plus Ampoule Mask -Anti-aging and Elasticity [SKQIN] Lifting Dual Sissi Mask (Gold Sissi) [ELISHACOY] Snail Hydrogel Mask [ELISHACOY] Caviar and Gold Mask Sheet [ELISHACOY] Syn-Ake Velvet Mask [SKIN FACTORY] Vega Collagen Ampoule Mask ▶ How to shop on Wishtrend ? If you wonder about how to shop on Wishtrend, please check this wise shopping guide we prepared for you. :) ▶ Invitation Rewards for Wish Trenders. Once you become Wishtrend customer through signing up, you will instantly receive your own unique invitation code, which you can share with you friends and family. To get 5 USD voucher on your Wishtrend account, write this code on your sign up page! *** Invitation Code: 232111703 *** ▶ BECOME AN AFFILIATE Earn money and get product sponsorship! *** JOIN TODAY, ITS FREE! *** ▶ CONNECT WITH US Shop Facebook Blog Twitter Instagram WISHTrend E-mail [email protected] ♥♥♥PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL♥♥♥

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