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Watch ニットブランド。 地方からも暗い雰囲気を吹き飛ばすような、思わずふざけたく、楽しくなるニットを通して他分野の人と人を結びつける活動を行ないます。 モデルやスタッフとして偶然関わった方同士による新たな企画等、地方からの可能性に期待しています。 LANIT is knitting brand. I started to make this brand because I want to destroy the dismal mood by the merry sportive knitting from the region. Ive done community activities to connect people by that. I treasure the community gathered by chance as the model or the staff. It cannot be seen with the eye behind the creation. That has chance to increase the likelihood of meeting different to someone in a different field. There are the possibilities they propose a plan to interest from the region.

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