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Watch Lego Train: Lego duplo train video game for kid GO ON CROSS-COUNTRY ADVENTURES! All aboard! Your toddler will love to be a LEGO® DUPLO® train driver and load cargo, build bridges, watch out for stop signs at crossings, help passengers safely to their destinations, refuel, and lay new tracks to steer the train through a landscape full of surprises. Trains are fascinating to kids of all ages. LEGO DUPLO Trains can help train (pun intended) your toddler’s reasoning skills when they have to anticipate where to go and what to do next to make sure everyone and everything gets to where they’re going. PLAY IDEAS Use the cargo train to play a simple memory game with your child. Find different kinds of fun cargo to load onto the train. Give your child a moment to memorize the cargo. Cover it up, and see how many things your child remembers. Add one item at a time, or take turns, and see how far you can go! Subcribe to watch more video: Facebook: Twitter: Thank you! Enjoy your time!

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