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Watch FlyingV 創辦人、無名小站共同創辦人 林弘全為無名小站之共同創辦人,於2003年與交大資工系(所)的同學簡志宇共同創立無名小站,三年之內成為台灣第二大網站,後於2007年五月併入Yahoo!奇摩,擔任亞太區社群服務產品規劃管理部主管。 林弘全帶領團隊創造一年兩億營業額的成績並成為台灣Web 2.0創業的象徵。其後歷經Yahoo!奇摩併購無名小站,2007年與Yahoo!奇摩合併後,持續創業團隊的熱情負責產品規劃,會員人數及營業額成長百分之兩百,在Facebook崛起前無名小站持續穩居台灣社群網站龍頭,每個月超過1千萬不重複到訪人數,最高全球排名16名。 林弘全於2011年3月正式離開Yahoo!奇摩,對於數位及文化、創意產業充滿熱情進而加入創投產業。另外,也透過天使投資的方式,希望結合過去在網路產業的經驗以協助新創團隊。2012年4月,林弘全創辦了群眾募資平台),希望可以透過這個平台來鼓勵年輕人創業。截至目前為止,flyingV.cc已經替超過100組團隊募集了超過3,000萬的資金,並且在台灣創造了新的創業資金生態系統。 Internet entrepreneur, Co-founder of FlyingV Light Lin co-founded WRETCH with NCTU classmates Wretch Chien in 2003. WRETCH grew very fast and become the second largest website in Taiwan within 3 years. It was acquired by Yahoo! In May 2007. After the acquisition, Light was head of Social Blogs Products, Yahoo! APAC until 2011 Mar. Light Lin led the team to achieve 200M TWD revenue in 2006 as the milestone and symbol of Taiwan Web 2.0 entrepreneurs. After being acquired in 2007, WRETCH grew another 200% in terms of members and revenue. Before Facebook took over the social landscape in Taiwan, WRETCH was dominating Taiwan Community sites. Light left Yahoo! in March 2001. He is still full of passion for digital, culture and creative and hope to become a venture capitalist. On the other hand, he also supports new start-ups with his own experiences and angel investment.In April, 2012 Light founded, a crowd funding platform, aims to help youngsters to start up their own business. By now, have raised NT$ 30M for over 100 teams and created a new startup ecosystem in Taiwan. TEDxTaipei 官網: TEDxTaiepi 官方臉書: TEDxTaiepi Google+: TEDxTaipei 2013 - 翻轉Fl!p :

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