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Watch LING LOM (monkey-air or air-monkey) is a weaponless fighting system of PAHUYUTH, executed and carried out with full physical use. The origins of this unique fighting method reach back to the time of the Glie Gauw Pienohng (around 2500 B.C.). First described by the Chinese as a ghost or wraith fight it was later named Ling Lom (monkey-air or air-monkey), due to its elusive character and unusual movements. The name stuck and lead to the common misconception, that LING LOM was derived from the imitation of animals or is somehow related to Chinese martial arts. As a matter of fact LING LOM solely utilizes the conditions and abilities of the human body. LING LOM was used in Southeast Asian warfare throughout the ages. Some legends tell about warriors, who moved over the battlefield like the wind and even fought between elephants legs. Later (around 1000 A.D.) LING LOM became the origin of all Thai stand-up fighting methods, such as MUAI (Dtie Muai, Muai Duekdammbann), Muay Thai and of course the newer inventions like Muay Boran and the regional styles (Muay Chaiya, Muay Thasao, Muay Korat and many more). Traces of LING LOM or MUAI as common origin can also be found in Muay Lao, Bokator, Lethwei, Pradal Serey and other Southeast Asian fighting styles. Armed LING LOM / PAHUYUTH is called AWUD or DUEY AWUD and lead, through some detours, to the invention of Krabi Krabong and its offsprings. Nowadays LING LOM is mainly taught for self-defense purposes and for preservation of cultural heritage. For more information please check out our history book (link below). MUAI is a traditional standup fighting method, that should not be confused with Muay Thai, Muay Boran or regional styles (such as Muay Chaiya, Muay Korat and many more). It derived directly from Ling Lom (unarmed Pahuyuth) and is the oldest and probably the most conclusive of all Muay styles. Due to its unique origin MUAI not only includes techniques, that have become illegal in sports, but also many techniques, tricks and tactics that were never used in show or competition. In compare to the relatively new Boran (ancient) one could very well describe MUAI as Duekdammban (prehistoric) or as the original Muay Boran. Nowadays MUAI is taught for preservation of cultural heritage. WARNING: This video is NOT about legitimate self-defense. The techniques in this video are VERY DANGEROUS. Some of the techniques in this video are LETHAL. DO NOT attempt to recreate or re-enact any activities performed in this video. We do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage or injuries caused through whatever you are doing. PAHUYUTH - The art of Thai fighting | Traditional Thai Fighting Knowledge | School in Berlin, Germany WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM Pahuyuth_Berlin YOUTUBE: SHIRT SHOP: HISTORY BOOK: BOOK PUBLISHER

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