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Watch ����ؤźҷ�ҵ�� �ǧ��Ъ����آ ��кҷ���稾������������ ��;����ҡ�ѵ������ç�ӧҹ˹ѡ����ش �ç��ҡ��Ӿ���á�����;ʡ�ԡâͧ���ͧ�� �������Ƿҧ�Ӥѭ����Ѻ��ЪҪҵ��� 㹡������������ҧ��ä�س����ª������赹�ͧ �ѧ�� ��л���Ȫҵ��׺� HM the King is an incredibly hardworking Monarch, sacrificing his own physical wellbeing for his subjects in his tireless guidance to initiate and create projects beneficial to not only themselves but also to their communities and their country.

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