Click to Watch in HD > LOVE ETERNALLY (เพื่อพ่อตลอดไป)- PAUL EWING - For His Majesty King Of Thailand, 2014

Watch Hear the song and watch the recording process of PAUL EWINGS song LOVE ETERNALLY for His Majesty King Of Thailand, 2012. To download the song exclusively from TRUE MUSIC, please go here: I was asked to write a new song for the King of Thailand in celebration of his 85th Birthday, 2012. I did my best to try to capture a spirit of happiness and love, in a style that would appeal across all demographics, and would have some longevity. I hope that you enjoy it. Long Live The King! Featuring : PAUL EWING - (music/lyrics/vocals/piano) KIPPER: Producer :2X Grammy Winner ; (Stings producer on Brand New Day, Sacred Love, All This Time etc) CAMERON CRAIG: Mix Engineer: 2X Grammy Winner: (Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Suzanne Vega etc) Wayne Urquhart: String Arranger: Moby etc Paul Grundman: Mastering Engineer: 2X Grammy Winner Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios, USA ( OutKast, Herbie Hancock etc) https// [email protected]

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