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Watch Luke Cage has arrived on Netflix, joining the ranks of street-level Marvel superheroes like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Like these shows, Luke Cage is packed with references and easter eggs to the Marvel comics and the broader MCU. In addition, as the first Marvel on-screen property with a black character in the title role, Luke Cage pays homage to key parts of black culture: music, literature, and heated political issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement. Erik Voss is here to explain all of these, as well as Luke Cages origins as Power Man and the Heroes for Hire series with Iron Fist, and the missable details in the design and direction of certain episodes. Who was the most interesting villain: Cornell Stokes (Cottonmouth), Mariah Dillard (Black Mariah), or Willis Stryker (Diamondback)? How does Netflixs adaptation of Luke Cage compare to Daredevil and Jessica Jones? And what does this season tell us about the upcoming Defenders series on Netflix? CONNECT WITH US! Facebook: Twitter: CONNECT WITH ERIK: SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS (, including: Tajas Jepersen Kenny Smith Kelly Hopper Kevin Chauhan Pony Stark Nic and Sarah Patterson MarkoCCA Lucious Barnes Chris Cole Produced by: Ted Marsden Creative Director: Filup Molina

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