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Watch The abandoned Cold War era Lyndonville Air Force Station (Formally North Concord Air Force Station) on March 8th, 2016. The hike up from admin to topside in the snow was pretty brutal. In the summer it took a group of us roughly an hour and a half taking our time. Normally, a hike from admin to the towers takes 45min to an hour depending on determination. It took us 2.5 hours in the snow pulling two sleds full of gear. We started out at 1pm and got to the top of the towers just in time to see the sunset. Our purpose for the hike was to get some drone video footage and pictures for the Lyndonville Air Force Station preservation Group (LAFSPG), but ran into a small problem where the drone case was locked, and the key for it was in the car down at admin (whoops!). I was able to pick the locks on the case, but it took so long doing so that I started out in the dark. The drive to the administration area was pretty sketchy at best. The roads to victory were in HORRIBLE condition, Radar Rd from Victory to the main gate was all ice, and after the main gate it was completely unplowed. Only access is with an AWD/4WD vehicle with good snow tires and ground clearance, or a snowmobile. This is downscaled 4k video footage, because I dont have anything to edit 4k video. Its not the best since it was getting very dark, very quick - but Im hoping to go back sometime in the winter again much earlier in the day. Check out the LAFSPG on Facebook at or

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