Click to Watch in HD > M3 F80 chasing Mercedes AMG GTS @Nordschleife Nürburgring Touristenfahrten

Watch Lap time 8:21 BTG (cool down last 2 corners and last straight before gantry) @Touristenfahrten on 01.08.2016 an AMG GTS passes me right at the beginning of the track. I am chasing him, he breaks quite early and loses a bit time in bends, on the straight he pulls away (the Sound of the AMG is awesome). Despite me being big in his rear mirror, he didn´t want to let me pass until Mutkurve. But i admit, it was fun to stay behind him for a while. The lap time would have been around 8:10 BTG without Problem, but the fun with the AMG was worth it to stay with him. Enjoy:)

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