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Watch Out now on iTunes Out now on beatport: Mason - Le Big Bob (Official Video) A video by Daan Oskam and Frenkel Schonfeld Out soon on Animal Language With mixes from Inflagranti, Disco Of Doom, Luke Walker and the Refurb Mason return in fine style with a new Animal Language release in the shape of Le Big Bob. Inspired by a heavyweight snack the boys ate on tour Le Big Bob is a tune packed with colesterol and heart attack inducing musical obesity. Spending the Summer touring their live show around the world, the Amsterdam based duo have been hungry to get back into their studio. Having dusted off the cobwebs from their arsenal of analogue equipment, Iason and Coen filled up their mixing bowl of obscure samples, free range beats and dancing dust, whisking intensely into a thick creamy goodness until Le Big Bob was ready to bake. Since that day Mason have employed the services of some very fine assistant chefs in order to rework the recipe. Inflagranti take the same basic ingredients and do their chuggy, funky thing to Le Big Bob, turning it into a slightly leaner plateful. Disco Of Dooms remix has got more e numbers than a gallon of Kia ora. The London based blog housers throw away most of the organic produce and swap it out for nasty additives in their dark and twisted interpretation. New kid on the block Luke Walker gets experimental with his ingredients, using some of the original with old school break influences and a sprig of tech house.Tasty. Finally, what Animal Language release would be complete withought a Refurb, the traditional non-dance re-interpretation of the original tune? This time around the furb gets a serious dose of Mississippi delta treatment.

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