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Watch An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how Vanishing Angle produced YouTube Reds new original series MatPats Game Lab. You can watch the series here: Vanishing Angle is an award winning, soup to nuts production company that prides itself on a uniquely creative environment where content makers can thrive while maintaining the professionalism and high quality clients demand. With these guiding principals VA covers all production needs from development through to post-production and distribution. VAs list of credits include features, series, commercials, music videos, branded content, shorts, and VR. Recent notable projects includes TOO LATE featuring Academy Award Nominee John Hawkes in record-breaking uncut takes on 35mm and the YouTube Red Original Series MatPats Game Lab.  Director and Editor: Nick Ferreiro Cast: Matthew Patrick, Kelly King, Matthew Miller, Natalie Metzger Producers: Matthew Patrick, Kelly King, Matthew Miller, Daniel Levitt, Natalie Metzger BTS Cinematographers: Tim Kang, Jason Parker Colorist: Tory Harder Assistant Editor: Joseph Pedi Sound Mixing: Michael Weinstein Composer: Robert Allaire

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