Click to Watch in HD > Matteo Bennici - Symfoniya Donbassa (1931 film by Dziga Vertov)

Watch SHESTAYA - part 2 Matteo Bennici plays live soundtrack on films by Dziga Vertov Chapter 2 film: ENTUZIAZM/ SYMFONIYA DONBASSA director DZIGA VERTOV editor ELIZAVETA SVILOVA year 1931 TRACK: IDIOSINCRASIA [Bennici remix] originally by Digi GAlessio LIVE PERFORMANCE Shot by INFLUX on September 5th, 2011 Teatro IL MODERNO - Agliana (Italy). editing and compositing SERENA FANARA IDIOSINCRASIA [Bennici remix] originally by DIGI GALESSIO is included in V.A. - THE BROWN BOOK REMIXED [phoke 76] | available on free download at For more sounds and visions please visit SHESTAYA is an experiment in live soundtracks and a research work on the cinematography of the great russian director DZIGA VERTOV (1896-1954). Inspired by the unrestrainable Vertovs cine-eye and by his constant search for a film-truth, Shestaya sounds like a combination of beats, ambient, field recording and improvisation. A contemporary suite to rediscover three masterpieces that stand at the very roots of modern documentary, looking beyond the contradictions of their propaganda purposes, on a timeless journey through people, works, faces, and alienated life in the Soviet twenties. A vivid dialogue between old images and new sounds. For more sounds and visions please visit

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