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Watch Meet Nikki, a police officer and mother of two, who lost sensitivity in her lower body after a motorcycle accident and was left wheelchair bound. Nikki is hoping to return to work in the police station in the near future and with the support from Seven Families can now afford to take the time she needs for rehabilitation. About Seven Families Follow seven families whose lives have been changed by illness or disability. Over the next year we can watch their stories unfold - join in their journey and discuss the issues. Subscribe now to keep up with the story. Why not like our Facebook page for more content and discussions visit our web page 7 families is a charity led campaign to provide a tax-free income for one year to seven people who have lost their income because of a serious or long-term illness or disability. We want to highlight the need for people to plan financially in case they become too ill to earn an income and the charity Disability Rights UK are working with the seven families where the main breadwinner has been forced out of work by an accident or illness and not received any related insurance pay out.

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