Watch Sufi Qawwali - MERA DIL TARAP RAHA HAI MERA JAL RAHA HAI SEENA || BEAUTIFUL NAAT E PAAK SILSILA -E- ALIYA QADRIYA, CHISHTIYA, QALANDARRIYA, NAQSHBANDIYA, SOHARWARDIYA, ABUL-ULAI, JAHANGIRI, HASNI, KHABIRI, KADIRI. SULTANUL AULIYA HAZRAT SUFI KHWAJA MOHAMMADHASAN SHAH (Q. S. A.) MEHBUBUL AULIYA HAZRAT KHWAJA MOHAMMAD ABDUL KHABIR ABBASI HASNI (Q. S. A.) {FAIZUL AULIYA} HAZRAT KHWAJA MOHAMMAD ABDUL KADIR ABBASI KHABIRI HASNI[ MUTWALLI and SAJJADANASHIN] { RASHIDUL AULIYA } KHAQPAYE MURSHID HAZRAT KHWAJA SUFI ABDUL RASHID KADIRI KHABIRI HASNI[NAYAB KHALIFA] Sufi, Who Believes In The True Worship Of God And Who Worship Without Any Selfishness, All Of Sufis Spent The Fully Life In Devotion And Trueness. Sufism Is A Beautiful Part Of Islam. There Is No Show Off And Deceit, It’s Fully Related From True Worship, Sufis Do Worship In Meditation And Create A Peace Around Them. Where Sufis Present, They Make Convivial And Peaceful That Place. Sufi Music Is Also Very Famous In World, It Gives Inner Peace To Our Mind, And It Is Also Famous As Sufi Qawwali, Sufi Kalam And Sufiyana Qawwali. Sufi Qawwali Is Also Famous In Bollywood, Many People Likes Qawwali Music And They Also Transform It In Qawwali Song And Hindi Qawwali. Sufism Has Very Unique Place Around People. Many Peoples Of All Countries Also Like Sufi Poetry And Rumi Poetry Is Most Famous In People, Because Rumi Poems Is Gives Peace And Motivation For Worship And Also Gives Understanding About True Love. Sufi Qawwali Is Combination Of Sufi Music And Sufi Poetry. Before Some Years, It Was Very Difficult To Find Our Favourites Sufi Qawwali But Now In Generation Of Internet We Can Find Very Easily Our Favourite Sufi Song Or Sufi Qawwli. We Can Listen And Also Download Qawwali And It Is Available In Every Format Of Related File. Video Qawwali Is Also Available On Internet Many Qawwali Video We Can Find On Internet. We Can Download Free Qawwali Also On Internet. Follow me :- Facebook : Twitter : Instagram: Linkedin : Google+ : Pinterest: Website : Like Video: Sufi Qawwali Play List :- and index=1 and list=PLmmCHjL05vfXjaqwKJxzCmNlC3qP8-c3y Make sure not to miss a single video from Sufi Guru! Click here to Subscribe Our Channel: Garib Nawaz Qawwali,Khwaja Garib Nawaz Qawwali,Sufi,Sufism,Sufi Songs,Qawwali Download,Qawwali MP3 Free Download,Qawwali Songs,Qawali,Qawwali Video,Qawwali,Rumi,Rumi Quotes,sufis,sufi poetry,hindi qawali,qawwali download free,sufi kalam,download qawwali,rumi poetry,Sufi Dance,Sufi Guru,sufiana kalam,best qawwali video

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