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Watch Get or Stream Summer 08 Directed by QUENTIN DUPIEUX Produced by NOODLES In collaboration with RIVIERAS Producers KEVOS VAN DER MEIREN NICOLE DISSON Commissioner JANE THIRD Cast JOSEPH MOUNT ZOE CASSAVETES OSCAR CASH JOSH CLARK TANYA FISCHER CHIDI AJUGO PETE DI CECCO Cinematographer QUENTIN DUPIEUX Production Designer JOAN LE BORU Costume Designer ERICA RICE 1St Assistant Director KENNETH TAYLOR 2nd Assistant Director SAUL MAGALLANES Camera Assistant DAN ARGO Gaffer STEPHEN ST PETER Digital Image Technician MARCO LA VIA Property Master NATHAN OWEN Property Assistants CLARA ODHNER JENNIFER MESSER Costumer MONICA CHAMBERLAIN Costumer (Embroidery) JESSICA OWEN Costume Assistant SALLY WOO Hair and Make-Up MOLLY PADDON FX Coordinator CHRIS BAILEY Camera Car Driver CHRIS DICKSON (BULLDOG STUDIO) Location Manager MARC HLAVATY LOLA DELON Production Coordinator ALEXANDRA NADJARIAN Production Assistants MARGUERITE HERMAND MARIANA VILCHEZ MARCO LA VIA Editor QUENTIN DUPIEUX Post-Production FABIEN FEINTRENIE Special Thanks DAWN MANNING DONNA MORONG SOLVEIG RAWAS FABRIZIO CORVEDDU (RIVEIRAS LEISURE SHOES) JANICE LOPEZ (CITY OF PALM SPRINGS) CARLA PERNA (SCREEN ACTORS GUILD) JESSE MACDONALD (OLD SCHOOL CAMERAS) MEL HARRISON (CLASSY CHASSIS) Click here and subscribe to Metronomys channel Follow Metronomy on Instagram Check out Metronomys albums: Summer 08 [2016] Get it or stream it Love Letters [2014] Get it or stream Late Night Tales [2012] Get it or stream The English Riviera [2011] Get it or stream it Nights Out [2008] Get it or stream it Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe) [2006] Get it or stream it 2016 Because Music (

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