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Watch The event dubbed the Million Moms March began as a small local rally of about 100 people but grew bigger within days, reportedly gathering around 2,000 people. One rally organizer, Joelen Donavan-Gray, stressed I am a part of this village, I cannot sit still and let another one of my sons be killed. So my son is your son, and your son is my son and if we keep that whole thought, if we keep that whole feeling that we feel today that my children are your children, this will stop, this will stop. Stop the murder, were sick of the murders, the cops murdering the kids. Give the kids a chance, dont lock them up for a nickel bag, give them a break, you know what I mean. Dont kill them because they are standing on the corner, you know what I mean, we are tired, we need help., stated another protest. Mothers and family members from across the country marched holding portraits of their loved ones killed by gun violence or by the police. They began at Broad street and finished at the Philadelphia City Hall, where they held a rally. The protest marked the anniversary of the Million Man March, held in 1995, when African American men, organised by the Nation of Islam, demonstrated over social and economic issues which the black community were facing. Find RT America in your area: Or watch us online: Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

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