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Watch 06. Dream, Pt.1: Mindscape (耳疾究竟是從什麼時候開始的? 他試著搜尋關於這個病最早的印象,卻沒有任何收獲。城市陰鬱的天氣、玻璃帷幕上的倒影以及醫院灰白的長廊,早已層層圍困了記憶,迫使他相信那便是世界的一切。 隨著藥效在腦中蔓延,他漸漸放開對身體的依賴。弔詭的是當不再惦念這些知覺後,他才再度體認到自身意識的存在。 不久後,夢境中鮮明的畫面如電影般兀自在眼前放映起來。) 你記得嗎? 我們一起溯過的溪流 當時夏天熱炎披掛身後 那樣的日子裡 我們套上大得不合腳的鞋 趁著午後時光尚未枯黃起跳 在學會閱讀暗潮之前 點過一顆顆溪石 ——而今年歲與戒慎一同增長 我們躊躇在永恆之流的源頭 蒼老的葉子自身旁流過 注入青澀海洋的夢中 那些是山與谷的兒女 我們則是過客 拒絕離開 現在我已看清 萬物皆同、沒有姓名 沒有心機 風雨終要降臨 將我們解放 我會因愛得救 此刻 已是時候離去 -- 06. Dream, Pt.1: Mindscape (When did this ear disease even start? He searched for his earliest memories, but in vain. The citys gloomy weather, the reflections on curtain walls and the grey corridors in the hospital had besieged his remembrance, convincing him that those are everything in his world. While the blurry trails of the drug spread out in his head, he cut loose of his reliance on his body. Strangely, it was after he stopped grasping for those senses that he rejoined the awareness of his own consciousness. Presently, the lively visions of the dreams unroll before him like successive cinema scenes.) Do you remember The stream we used to trek When the heats of summer Still clung to our backs In those times When our shoes were oversized We leaped nonetheless Before the afternoon dies We bounced over stones before knowing the flow We grew more cautious once we grew old We dwelled in the basin Of this never ending creek Old leaves bypassed us Ran into a young ocean’s dream They are the daughters Of mountains and valleys We are but visitors Who refused to leave Now I’ve seen it through We are all the same There is no name There is no game The storm will come To set us free And my love will save me It’s now the time For us to leave --- Image: 林弈軒 --- Facebook: Soundcloud:

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