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Watch idk what happened, but there are those weird stains on the screen... Sorry about that. I hope its not too annoying. Please do not reupload any of my videos or pictures without my permission. ◄CREDITS► ■ Models by French Fries | Yandere-Dev ■ Motion by Runa Tanpai ■ Octodogs by Tithey ■ Stage by YelenbrownRacoon ■ Effects : credits go to the rightful owners ■ Programs MikuMikuDance_v926x64 VidéoPad Professional ⌂ Réseaux Sociaux | Social Networks ⌂ ☼ Twitter : ☼ Skype : Ossana Najimi ☼ Deviant art : ☼ Instagram : ossana.najimi Feel free to comment :D

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