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Watch Short documentary (27 min) about a PAHUYUTH student facing one of the most infamous MUAI rituals: The Traditional Foot Initiation - a story about a martial artists passage of rites and the development of true self consciousness and confidence. About the Foot Initiation: In order to learn MUAI, students (green belt) start off to spar with boxing techniques only. Once a student reaches certain knowledge about boxing techniques he or she will be introduced into the art of kicking with a special initiation ritual. On a single day the elder students, who once went through this treatment themselves, spar one after another with their fellow student and deliver a well dosed and well aimed amount of low kicks to the legs/shins of the younger student. Of course this student is allowed to defend himself with fists and feet to the best of his or her abilities. Although this once-in-a-lifetime experience is quite painful, and hard to endure it almost never fails. If applied correctly, the foot initiation helps to prepare the students mind and body for the intended usage of kicking techniques and defenses. In most cases the effect lasts for a lifetime and any kind of shin conditioning or protection gear becomes needless. Since ages, every PAHUYUTH student has to go through this initiation and especially for the students friends it is a great honor to take part in this unique und unforgettable event. MUAI is a traditional standup fighting method, that should not be confused with Muay Thai, Muay Boran or regional styles (such as Muay Chaiya, Muay Korat and many more). It derived directly from Ling Lom (unarmed Pahuyuth, actually used in warfare) and is the oldest and probably the most conclusive of all Muay styles. Due to its unique origin MUAI not only includes techniques, that have become illegal in sports (Muay Boran), but also many techniques, tricks and tactics that were never used in show or competition. In compare to the relatively new Boran (ancient) one could very well describe MUAI as Duekdammban (prehistoric). Today MUAI is taught for self-defense or security reasons and for the preservation of cultural heritage. To learn more about PAHUYUTH, please visit: .

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